Coco ProGrow In Hand

Coco Pro grow

Sizes: 1-Yard tote, 2-Yard tote, Bulk


30% rich forest humus blended with coconut coir, perlite, and pumice. Coco Pro grow has a light nutrient charge of acidulated fish, fish bone, kelp, feather meal and balanced to optimum pH for plant growth success and ease of use.

Perfect choice for outdoor pots, containers, and raised beds.


Water retention, forest humus for nutrient breakdown and increased plant absorption.

Brings to you the natural ecosystem of the forest floor

No green waste contaminates, fully composted

Oregon's Bounty

Size: 1.5 cubic foot bag, 1-Yard tote, 2-Yard tote, 4-Yard tote, Bulk


Oregon’s Bounty is a lighter version of our Coco Pro grow designed for faster drainage. 15% forest humus, coconut coir, perlite, pumice and the same light nutrient charge of acidulated fish, fish bone, feather meal, kelp and pH balanced for optimal growth.

Wonderful for indoor and outdoor pots and containers.


No green waste contaminates

Fast draining for increased watering frequency

Brings the natural ecosystem of the forest to you.


Forest Humus

Sizes: 1 cubic foot bag, Bulk


Brings you the natural ecosystem of the Oregon forest


Water retention

Soil buffering and conditioning

Nutrient tea grade

Contains elements of the forest ecosystem



Forest Coir

Sizes: 1.7 cubic foot bag, 1-yard tote, 2-yard tote, 4-yard tote, Bulk

Lightweight fast draining forest coir fiber.

100% sourced and manufactured in the USA.

Suitable for container pots and blending into your current medium to increase drainage and add structure.

Professional grade

Benefits :

100% USA product

Doesn’t break down

Affordable pricing

Forest Coir 70/30

Sizes: 1.7 cubic foot, 1-Yard tote, 2-Yard tote, 4-Yard tote, Bulk

Our wonderful Forest Coir with 30% aeration added using perlite and pumice.

Great for use in hydro and fast/ multiple watering gardens.

Benefits :

100% sourced and manufactured in the USA.

Affordable pricing

Professional grade materials




Crater Lake Mineral

Sizes 50 lb. bag, 1-Ton Tote, Bulk


Crater Lake Mineral is the highest quality, safest and most user-friendly choice for mineralizing your soils.

Broad based trace minerals , like those in Crater Lake Mineral are essential to the optimal growth of your plants. Crater Lake Minerals spike on calcium, magnesium, and iron, with safe, low levels of heavy metals to ensure success and safety during use.


Excellent source of calcium, magnesium and silica for improved drought resistance, cell strength and pest resistance.

Add nutrient density to fruits and vegetables safely and easily.

Crater Lake Cal Mag

Sizes 10 lb. jar, 50 lb. bag, 1-Ton tote, Bulk


We take our Crater Lake Mineral and apply a chelation process to increase immediate release and uptake of silica and micronutrients.

With plant available silica, spiking on calcium, magnesium, and iron it makes for a slow-release Cal Mag micronutrient package.

Simply apply to the root zone at transplant and follow up at bloom with a top dress and micronutrient problems are safely resolved.


Safe low heavy metals content

Worry free application and usage

Immediate release of available micronutrients and silica.

Slow release

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