Over the past several months, we’ve particularly focused on soil types and conditions best for growing healthy and beautiful marijuana plants. As Forest Floor Organic Soils custom-blends our soils to meet a variety of agricultural needs, in this blog we’re going to mix it up and focus on the characteristics of soil types favorable for growing wine grapes.

Like California, parts of Oregon and Washington are known for producing excellent grapes for winemaking. Pacific Northwest soils are often rich in nutrients and composed of mineral varieties that allow both for both air and water to flow freely but also retain enough water for nutrients to be absorbed by the plant’s roots.

Unlike marijuana, wine grapes are more adaptable to a variety of soils, which can radically alter their flavor and color. Marijuana plants don’t respond well to cold temperatures or over saturated or dense soils. Conversely, some wine grapes, such as those used to make Pinot Noir wines, respond well to lots of moisture. Because wine grapes can be grown in a variety of soils, yet that variety dramatically influences the types of wines that are successfully produced from those wine grapes, a closer examination of soil types is helpful to understand how to locate and cultivate the soil type best suited for you winemaking ambitions.

In our previous blog post (Amendments that Alter Texture, Drainage and Water Retention in Soil), we described some of the differences between different types of soils. Unlike marijuana, wine grapes do not respond well to an overabundance of nutrients that cause them to produce little flavor and color. Wine grapes tend to grow better in soils that force the plant’s roots to work harder to access water and nutrients.

Forest Floor Organic Soils uses organic ingredients to produce our premium soil blends. Because soil types significantly affect flavor and color of wine grapes, it’s important to talk to a soil expert who can advise you on how best to grow the right type of grapes for your desired winemaking operation. Call or email us to speak with one of our reps and learn more about how we can deliver stunning results for your wine grape growing operation.