In recent blog posts, we’ve detailed some of the differences in soil types and how they affect your plants growth and yield. We’ve discussed how sand, silt, clay and loam soils can be amended (“Amendments that alter texture, drainage and water retention in soil”) to improve texture, drainage and water retention abilities. In our last blog post (“How is soil that is good for growing cannabis different than soil good for growing wine grapes?”) we pointed out some of the differences between the soil needs of marijuana plants and wine grapes. In this post, we’re going to focus on forest humus and how it can be used as a soil amendment to improve your wine grapes’ flavor and color profile.

Humus is the dark, spongy substance formed in soil from the decay of dead plants and animals. It specifically is the matter that remains after the decayed material has been mineralized and nitrogen and other nutrients have been recycled into the soil. Through the process of humification, fungi, bacteria, microbes and animals oxidize and further decompose the remaining matter into a mature compost that stabilizes then integrates into the soil’s permanent structure.

Because humus no longer breaks down, it continuously supports the microorganisms that decompose organic matter and produce the nutrients absorbed by plants. Humus found in forest ecosystems have developed over hundreds, if not thousands of years, and contain a multitudinous variety of microorganisms that support good soil structure. It makes for a great soil amendment because it boosts nutrient absorption and water retention abilities.

As soil mixes significantly affect the flavor and color profile of wine grapes, it’s important to talk to a soil expert who can advise you about soil types and amendments that are best suited for your viticulture aspirations. Forest Floor Organic Soils repurposes top layers of forest soils that are extracted from abandoned log yards and rich in organic matter. We recycle the timber soil to distill the quality ingredients that make up our line of soil amendments such as forest humus that are ideal for organic wine growing. Call or email us to speak with one of our reps and learn more about how we can deliver stunning results for your organic winemaking operation.