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The team at Forest Floor Organic Soils started with three guys, all from different backgrounds, but with one common goal in mind—the creation of premium organic soil. After years of hard work, the Forest Floor team has developed a line of nutrient-rich soils that will help any garden or commercial grow operation reach full growing potential. From home vegetable gardens to industrial greenhouses, Forest Floor has set the standard for Pacific Northwest organic soil.

Our team was inspired by those looking for the best soil for indoor and outdoor grows and saw the extraordinary value in working with organic ingredients and naturally sourced microorganisms. After testing the science, bending the rules and working tirelessly to develop an organic product that outperforms all dirt, we’ve created the best array of soils available.


Our Team

Owner; Sales & Finance

As the owner of Forest Floor Organic Soils, Chris manages the day-to-day tasks associated with sales, finance and overall business scope. He attended Southern Oregon University, earning a degree in Business Management; and has since worked in business cultivation. After 18 years of small business ownership, Chris began looking for an opportunity to diversify in new business. As an outdoor enthusiast, he saw a huge need in the market for this type of premier soil product. Compounded by a lifelong love of the Pacific Northwest, the Forest Floor Organic Soils venture was inspired. Forest Floor Organic Soils is a company built on service to community, to each other and to the planet. Chris looks forward to advancing the business with science and unique offerings to continuously provide absolute quality to customers.

General Manager

Kyle has been in the farming and logging industry for the entirety of his career. In these closely related fields, with such a crossover of byproducts, Kyle has developed a large range of knowledge with many different areas of expertise. As the Forest Floor Organic Soils Yard Manager, he manages the efficient move of product and order communications with customers. Working with Forest Floor Organic Soils, Kyle has been able to continue his passion for agriculture and landscape with a new, exciting twist. He greatly enjoys the way that this industry is able to bring together people of all different cultures and backgrounds—and looks forward to the future of organic farming and creating quality product.


After a 15-year-long career in dairy farming, Jerry established and operated a company that sourced, blended, and packaged nutrients. Jerry managed this venture for 13 years until the business was purchased by one of his customers. With a strong interest in soil applications, and having sourced a diversity of minerals for soil applications, Jerry became involved in mining trace minerals. Through this experience, Jerry developed his expertise in nutrient uptake, supplying micronutrients via minerals, and providing optimal soil conditions for microbial growth. Jerry now brings his many years of expertise to the Forest Floor Organic Soils sales team.

Yard Manager

As Yard Manager for Forest Floor Organic Soils, Trevor is responsible for managing production processes, including the preparation, inventory management, sales, and distribution of regular soil blends as well as custom blends. Trevor entered the forest byproducts industry immediately after completing his education, pursuing his interest in the world of landscaping, soil, and gardening through positions in product transportation, sales, and management. After 20 years of industry experience, Trevor joined Forest Floor Organic Soils, drawn by the unique and exceptional quality of the forest humus compost product and the potential for success that he perceived in the business.

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