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07 AugAmending Soils with Forest Humus

In recent blog posts, we’ve detailed some of the differences in soil types and how they affect your plants growth and…

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25 JulHow is Good Soil for Growing Cannabis Different from Good Soil for Growing Wine Grapes?

Over the past several months, we’ve particularly focused on soil types and conditions best for growing healthy and beautiful marijuana plants….

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11 JulAmendments that Alter Texture, Drainage and Water Retention in Soil

In a couple of our recent blog posts (“Balancing drainage and water retention qualities” and “What does it mean to be…

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01 Jul“NPK” (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium)

In a previous blog post (What does it mean to be nutrient-rich?) we highlighted natural ingredients found in Forest Floors Organic…

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22 JunWhy Should I Care if My Soil is pH-Balanced?

In several of our posts, we’ve referenced pH-levels and why it’s important to monitor them during your plants’ growing process. In…

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16 JunThe Flowering Stage

In previous blog posts about the cannabis plant life cycle, we’ve discussed the seedling stage (when seeds sprout and produce small…

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11 JunWhat Does It Mean to Be Nutrient-Rich?

In some of our past blog posts (“Living Soil” and “The Vegetative State”) we’ve touched upon the importance of using nutrient-rich…

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17 MayBalancing Drainage and Water Retention Qualities

“In previous blog posts — “What Soil Should I Seed With?” and “How To Choose The Best Location To Plant” —…

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07 MayHow Important Is It to Use Organic Soil?

Back in January, we wrote about the benefits of using a living soil. This post builds on that one and will…

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27 AprThe Vegetative State

This week, our slice of the Pacific Northwest experienced temperatures breaking the 70 degree threshold for the first time this year….

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