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Your pre-season prep just got easier. Forest Floor’s all-in-one Soil Caddy allows you to plant your entire crop in one day.

The long days of season prep are over. Introducing Forest Floor’s first Soil Caddy growing system. Our Soil Caddy comes filled with Forest Floor soil and requires virtually no playing in the dirt.

The Soil Caddy is for the next generation of growers. Requiring significantly less time than traditional outdoor planting operations, The Soil Caddy is pre-filled with any Forest Floor soil and is ready for planting the moment it leaves our yard. Plant faster and more efficiently than any other season before with the Forest Forest Floor Soil Caddy. Save time and hours with our all-in-one grow system.



90% Less Time


The Forest Floor Soil Caddy is a self-contained growing system. Made from woven polypropylene, the Soil Caddy allows you to plant and thoroughly water your seedlings in record-breaking time. The 640 micron material will quickly drain water without washing away important nutrients, saving growers time and money. Filled with our rich, organic soil, the Soil Caddy is built for multiple cycles — meaning next year’s grow is in the bag.

90% Less Time

The Soil Caddy requires significantly less time than traditional outdoor planting. The bags are pre-filled with the Forest Floor soil of your choice, and are ready for seeds, seedlings, or mature plants. No shovels, roto-tilling, or compost hauling required.

90% Less Labor

Using our Soil Caddy involves less labor hours than manual planting. This saves you both time and money, hiring fewer full-time workers during planting season. (Unfortunately, your buddy might need a new gig this year.)

90% Easier to Water

Whatever your situation or environment, Forest Floor has a soil that will work for you. Our Soil Caddy can be filled with any of our soils, virtually working with and superseding any existing operation. The Soil Caddy is made from 640-micron polypropylene. This lightweight, breathable material allows for quick, easy irrigation and ensures that roots get plenty of oxygen.


90% Less Labor

Our soil caddies can be filled with any of Forest Floor soil, including worm castings for added nutrients.

Ready plant available in 1/2 yard  |  Worm castings available by the yard

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