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The forest floor holds the richest components of the forest ecosystem. It supports a large number of decomposers, fungi, algae and bacteria as well as various ecosystem roles for nutrient cycling. Undeniably, the floor is the base of all forest life.

To capture this same vivacity and growth cultivation, the team at Forest Floor Organic Soils has developed specialty soils using Humus sourced from the mighty forests of the Pacific Northwest. As closely as possible, our process mimics the premier quality of soil you would find in these delicate, yet powerful ecosystems.

The Forest's Floor

Our process begins in old log yards. Years ago, when logs came into the mills, they brought pieces of the forest with them. Just as they would have in the natural forest environment, the logs dropped bark, dirt, moss and organisms. Labeled as waste, this debris was swept into piles, overlooked and undervalued for upwards of 50 years. At Forest Floor Organic Soils, we find these old sites, then completely recover and recycle the materials. After decades of composting, this forest soil is perfectly preserved and richer than ever. With an environment focus, we revive, screen and blend the soil for growing success— ultimately returning forest materials back to the earth.

Our Products

Our Product


Crater Lake Mineral is the highest quality, safest and most user-friendly choice for mineralizing your soils.


30% Forest Humus, Coconut Coir, Perlite, Pumice, Organic Nutrient Package, Crater Lake Mineral.


Forest Coir is a product that can be used as a replacement for Peat Moss or Coconut Coir. 100% sourced and produced in the U.S.A.
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For the highest in quality soil, soilless and mineral blends please reach out to Forest Floor Soil and Minerals for products you can trust.


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